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Double Tumbler Worm Harvester

My goal was to build a worm harvester that would work on a small scale commercial operation. I need an efficient harvester that will be able to separate my worm material into three separate piles at the same time…the worms, cocoons, and castings. I decided to design and build my own rotating worm harvester. Almost all my materials were bought from hardware stores such as Lowes or Home Depot.

This harvester has two different size screens; 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch. These will separate the material into three piles. The1/4 inch screen will separate out the worms and anything else that is bigger than 1/4 inch. The cocoons (worm “eggs”) and castings will fall through the first screen onto the second screen which is 1/8 inch. This screen will keep all the cocoons and let the castings fall out the bottom of the harvester where they are collected in Rubbermaid bins. Anything that remains in the two screens will come out the end of the harvester and collect in two separate bins.

(Looking down the harvester from beginning to end. Handle used to spin the harvester on the two mounted ball bearings.)


(End of harvester with collection bins. The base of the end is on a swivel so I can easily change the angle of the harvester to achieve the most efficient harvest.)


(Bin on right collects anything bigger than the 1/4 inch screen which is all the worms and some chunks of uneaten bedding. The bin on the left collects anything that is smaller than the 1/4 inch screen but still larger than 1/8 inch which would mainly be the worm cocoons.)



Thanks for checking out my harvester. I will be adding a video soon…

If you are interested in more in depth info on anything feel free to post your questions or comments.


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One Response to “Double Tumbler Worm Harvester”

  1. Vidya Cicchini Says:

    Would you be willing to share how you made your worm harvester? I have a bed of 200,000 worms that needs to be harvested in two weeks (the landlord is asking our non-profit organization to vacate by June 1). I’m from Cedar Crest, New Mexico, and want to use these worms to start a free-flow worm bin at the local middle school.

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