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Worm Factory 360

Next generation 4 tray vermicomposting system with new thermo-siphon design. Available in black, green, and terracotta. 


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The Worm Factory® 360 allows you to quickly and easily convert your kitchen scraps and household waste into nutrient rich organic fertilizer. Keep your garbage away from landfills, and turn your trash into treasure using the power of worms!


Worm composting in an incredibly efficient way to convert kitchen scraps, junk mail, and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

The Worm Factory® 360’s patented, uniquely stackable multi-tray design makes it the most efficient and mageable worm bin composter on the market.

Start with just one tray and fill it with your household waste. The worms will begin to convert the waste into compost. When the first tray is full, stack another on top. Each tray has a grid bottom, so worms migrate upward through the system as new food is added.

The Worm Factory® 360’s expandable design and small footprint allow for both indoor and outdoor use. This encourages convenient year-round production of organic fertilizer for your garden.


  • Compact and expandable - "Quick Tips" instructions on lid 
  • US made - high quality plastics 
  • Choice of color: Black, Green, Terracotta 
  • Improved base and lid design for better air circulation 
  • Create compost year-round, indoors and out 

Added Value:

  • Free Ground Shipping
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet 
  • 4 Chapter DVD guide for beginners 
  • Start-up bedding included 
  • 10 year warranty 
  • Accessory kit includes: thermometer, hand rake, and scraper

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