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132 Gallon Compost-Air Flow Through Worm Bin

This flow through worm bin is made from a 132 gallon Compost-Air, an aluminum grate base and 8 cinderblocks. Since I started this bin half full of donated loose leaf tea and other restaurant waste the bin was stocked with 8lb. red worms. This Compost-Air has half inch holes punched through the sides, no lid and a flow through bottom surface. The high air flow creates a perfect aerobic composting environment which leads excellent breeding and earthworm castings production by red worms.

Worm stocking densities are below:

  • 0.5 lb/square foot density is 17 lb. of composting worms
  • 1.0 lb/square foot density is 37 lb. of composting worms
  • 2.0 lb/square foot density is 74 lb. of composting worms

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